At North Georgia Land, we seek to empower landowners with the tools and resources they need to understand the real estate market, recognize the factors that affect land values, and navigate the land transaction process.


Land Value Cycle

Our proprietary Land Value Cycle explains the 4 phases of the market and how construction, supply, and demand affect land prices. 


8 Keys to Increase Land Value 

In this 7-minute video, Bruce Carlisle offers 8 strategies to help landowners increase the value of their property.   

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Top Dollar Dirt 

In Bruce's new book, he offers 13 key land management practices along with real-life examples from his 39 years in the industry.


From Family Tension to $3M Sale

This case study highlights a 38-acre property, part of a family farm for over 100 years, the challenges the owners faced in regard to zoning and sewer, and how the North Georgia Land team helped close the $3,000,000 sale.


Expert Insights from Georgia Land Specialist

In this Atlanta Business Chronicle Article, Bruce answers questions related to the challenges facing Georgia landowners including common mistakes, family dynamics, and transaction complexities.  

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The Most Common Georgia Landowner Misconception

This Atlanta Real Estate Forum podcast interview covers the most common misconception we've seen in our 39 years of serving Georgia landowners. We also share trends in the market comparing the 1980s to today.

My family owned 45 acres in Forsyth County for over 100 years. Unfortunately, most of my relatives had died and I needed someone to guide me through the local politics to help me obtain the highest possible price. Bruce had the needed relationships to get the property rezoned, obtain the necessary utility easements, minimize my taxes and close the transaction. We developed a wonderful friendship and Bruce went on to be the executor of my estate. He’s a dear friend. Thanks Bruce.

D. Phillips

For years we had constantly been approached about selling our 18 acres in Suwanee. When Bruce approached us in 2015, we knew something was different about his approach. Our property had streams running through it, a big road widening project was planned along our frontage and the City wanted to control how our property was to be developed. In addition, we needed to relocate our business and stay in the City of Suwanee. Bruce worked along side us through the entire project. We were able to work through every issue. In 2017, we sold our property and we have now relocated to a new and better facility. We were blessed by how it all worked out. Bruce did a great job.

Suwanee Lumber Co.

In 1993, Bruce approached us about selling a portion of our land for a shopping center. After a contentious rezoning, we closed the deal and Kroger currently anchors the shopping center. After that initial sale, Bruce has represented us in a sale to Walgreen’s and we completed three ground leases with McDonalds, Starbucks and Wells Fargo. In addition, Bruce solved a complex sewer problem which enabled us to sell our last 56 acres to Meritage Homes. Our relationship with Bruce was based solely on a hand shake and his word. The best part about working with Bruce is his desire to accomplish our goals. We’ve been working together for almost 25 years and he has transitioned from being a broker to a trusted adviser.

P. Oddo

Now Available!

In Bruce Carlisle's new book, he shares key insights from his 39 years of experience in the land brokerage arena. Filled with practical tips, real-life examples and questions to consider, this is the book every landowner needs to guide them through the process of managing and selling their property. 

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