Our Process

Schedule Your Land Consultation

The process of guiding landowners through the management and sale of their property begins with a preliminary meeting and site visit. It is during this meeting that we explore the goals, desires and concerns of the owner. Understanding these desires is paramount to a successful relationship.

Evaluate Your Land & The Market

Next, we study the physical characteristics of the property including its location, access, utilities, topography, streams and wetlands. After studying the unique features of the property, we study the market. What is the highest and best use? Are there several potential uses? We then look at the surrounding land uses and zoning. We tap into our local contacts and explore the political landscape. The pendulum of receptivity to rezoning can swing wildly from pro-growth to no growth quickly. Timing is critical to bringing a property to market. Once the above process is complete, we review the surrounding comparable land sales to establish a range of value based upon the type of zoning that can be obtained in the area.

Execute Agreement

After reviewing the comparable sales, we create a marketing plan and determine which of our buyers might be the best prospect. We create a marketing package and begin meeting with our targeted prospects. Throughout the process, we obtain offers from potential buyers and negotiate contracts to achieve the best outcome. Every step of the way, we work with you and for you to get the property closed.

Have you ever considered selling your land?

If you have thought about selling your land over the last couple years, then give us a call. No pressure and no obligation. It’s always good to think through options. We would enjoy the opportunity to meet with you.

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